Protecting The Parent-Child Relationship In Custody Disputes

The children’s best interests during and after divorce are paramount. This is why Ohio judges are not predisposed to award sole custody to one parent unless the circumstances make this decision necessary.

In the course of negotiating shared parenting terms, however, it is important to protect each parent’s access to children as well. At Kemp Law Group, we use their legal insight to craft custody agreements and shared parenting plans that support the child-parent relationship after divorce proceedings have ended.

We handle all child custody matters with a high degree of compassion because we recognize that family breakups are tumultuous events. Contact our Dublin firm at 614-389-1991 for a case review.

Creating A Parenting Plan With Your Child In Mind

Lead family law attorney Jacqueline Kemp has represented thousands of central Ohio families during her legal career. She uses this background to craft parenting plans that ease the transition to life after marriage.

Attorney Kemp is actively involved in local, state and national legal associations. As a result, she remains current with the updates to custody guidelines. She draws on this information when she designs parenting plans to reflect a variety of factors such as:

  • Weekday and weekend schedules
  • Holiday and vacation schedules
  • Decision-making responsibilities for health, education and day care
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Financial and child support arrangements
  • Tax considerations
  • Mediation and Parenting Coordinators

It is vital to work with an attorney who is able to anticipate conflicts that may arise in joint custody arrangements. We take pride in our ability to design custody agreements that suit your unique circumstances and limit future disputes.

Advocating For Your Interests After Divorce

Our legal team guides clients through the modification process when substantial and unplanned life changes occur after the divorce is finalized. We also represent clients whose former spouses have violated the terms of their court-ordered agreement.

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Our team takes the time you need to educate you on custody requirements so that you are well-informed throughout the process. For your convenience, you can schedule a meeting online or over the phone at 614-389-1991.