Legal Separation Help In Central Ohio

When spouses prefer to live apart but do not wish to divorce, legal separation offers an effective solution. Separation allows both parties to develop new routines while leaving the option for reconciliation on the table.

A well-designed separation agreement is integral to protecting each party’s interests and establishing terms for custody during this period. At Kemp Law Group, we concentrate exclusively on family law issues, which include complex divorce matters and separation proceedings. Focusing on this practice area allows us to provide cutting-edge counsel that efficiently resolves conflicts for our central Ohio clients.

Negotiating Favorable Terms In Separation Agreements

Our lead attorney, Jacqueline Kemp, is a tireless advocate for her clients in central Ohio. Her commitment to customer service and legal abilities are two reasons she is consistently recognized by Super Lawyers, Avvo and many other prestigious legal organizations as a top attorney in her field.

Attorney Kemp takes the time necessary to prepare for negotiations and to craft equitable resolutions. As a result, clients sign contracts containing beneficial terms and detailed provisions for:

Separation agreements are powerful contracts that not only assign day-to-day parenting responsibilities, but they also safeguard each party’s finances. Separation agreements can be written to include provisions for debt that is accrued during this period, so that each party is financially responsible only for choices individually made.

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