Ensuring Children Receive The Financial Support They Need

Ohio’s child support formula establishes a baseline for monthly support orders. In many cases, what the state requires parents to pay may not cover all child-related expenses. Family court judges can use their discretion to approve child support agreements that provide more generous monthly awards.

In central Ohio, Kemp Law Group has decades of experience negotiating favorable support terms for our clients. We are led by a Certified Family Law Specialist, Jacqueline Kemp, who has received multiple awards for her legal skill set and commitment to her clients.

Securing Fair Support Orders That Address Your Child’s Needs

Investing in our services is a smart choice. We partner with forensic accountants to determine each spouse’s true income, which can be used in child support negotiations. We negotiate for terms that recognize the long-term costs associated with raising children.

We develop strategies that account for a range of considerations that include:

  • Each parent’s income
  • Number of children in family
  • Division of parenting time
  • Living and health care expenses, including fees not covered by insurance
  • Tuition for education
  • Work-related child care costs
  • Extracurricular activity costs
  • Tax considerations

All of our clients have unique needs and concerns. When we represent our clients in negotiation sessions, we customize our approach according to our clients’ circumstances and expectations. We successfully negotiate for terms that include special provisions for:

  • Private school tuition
  • Assistance for special needs children
  • Fees for extracurricular activities, tutoring or college preparatory programs

When we are able to agree to terms with opposing counsel, we save our clients’ money and help our clients retain control over this process. If we are unable to reach an agreement we are qualified to advocate for our clients in court.

Assisting Clients With Post-Judgment Matters

We provide post-judgment services to clients who need to modify child or spousal support orders to reflect a significant change in income or financial obligations or who need to modify their custodial or shared parenting orders. We assist clients with enforcement actions when the other party has failed to follow court orders. We have extensive experience in appellate work as well as actions for Civil Rule 60(B) relief.

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