Parenting coordination can facilitate child-focused resolutions

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Many divorced parents in Ohio benefit from parenting coordination. Not to be confused with co-parenting, parenting coordination is a child-focused dispute resolution process that can be ordered by a court or requested by one or both parents.

During the parenting coordination process, parents work with a qualified coordinator to resolve many types of conflicts that can arise regarding the implementation of court-ordered custody arrangements, parenting schedules or parenting responsibilities. The coordinator is a neutral party appointed by the court, and the coordination process may include an assessment, education, case management, conflict management, coaching or decision-making.

Benefits of parenting coordination

Three benefits you may experience from parenting coordination, include:

  • Minimizing your child’s stress from parental conflicts
  • Avoiding unnecessary, and often expensive, litigation
  • Learning communication and problem-solving skills to prevent future disputes

Only certain situations are appropriate for parenting coordination

Parenting coordination might be a good fit for your situation if you and your ex-spouse regularly need court intervention to resolve disputes about parental rights and responsibilities. It might also be a good fit if your parenting schedule must be adjusted regularly or you and your ex-spouse have had difficulty resolving conflicts in the past even with litigation and other interventions.

Although parenting coordination can benefit many families, it may not be an appropriate process for every situation. Parenting coordination does not deal with any actions regarding protection orders. It also cannot be used to change the child’s primary residential parent, legal custodian or primary placement. However, in appropriate situations, families can experience many benefits.