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Divorce and implications of the new tax law

Happy smiling Ohio couples walk down the aisle to marry, say their vows and walk back along the same aisle expecting to begin a long and happy life together. In many instances this happens, but in many others it does not. Many marriages still end in divorce, and as another tax season has begun with new tax laws that affect the finances of a divorce, it may be beneficial to review the implications of the law on current tax filings.

Protecting assets in case of a high-asset divorce

America was built on entrepreneurial spirit by people setting out for the new world with the intent of building a new and independent life. That spirit exists today with new businesses coming into existence in Ohio and around the country on an almost daily basis. Few will have the success that Amazon enjoys, a company founded by a married couple who are now involved in a very high-asset divorce. The company was founded after they married and, as such, can be considered community property. How can the value of the property be protected?


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