Divorce and children’s education

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Typically, couples do not enter into marriage and begin a family with the goal of getting divorced later on. Most parents in Ohio and elsewhere believe they will be together for the long haul and be there for their children. While the divorce rate is dropping, almost 50 percent of marriages still end in divorce.

Studies have shown that children of divorce do not always fare as well in their education as those from stable families. A recent study showed that this is particularly true where divorce might not have been expected. Children from stable home environments where divorce came as a surprise did not perform as well in school as children from struggling families.

The study showed that in families where divorce was not expected but happened anyway the children were 6 percent less likely to graduate from high school and 15 percent less likely to graduate from college than children from non-divorced families. However, children from homes where conflict was high saw almost no negative impact on their educational outcomes following a divorce. One reason for this could be that the children of less affluent and more conflict-ridden families are accustomed to dealing with that situation.

When parents with children contemplate divorce in Ohio, their first concern is often for the continued well-being of their children. Education plays a significant role in their lives. A parent who is contemplating divorce may wish to consult with an experienced family law attorney regarding co-parenting and child custody options. Establishing a plan and being informed regarding the possible options can ease the transition for all involved.