Perhaps a prenuptial agreement can lessen the chance of divorce

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Marriage and divorce can be looked at as two sides of the same coin. Marriage, when flipped on its head, can lead to a divorce. One of the most common causes of a marriage leading to divorce in Ohio is a misunderstanding or deception regarding a couple’s finances.

Full financial disclosure is required of both sides in a divorce negotiation. Perhaps if a full disclosure was done prior to marriage, the financial disharmony leading to a divorce would not occur. Prenuptial agreements are often looked at as something pertaining to wealthy marriages where millions of dollars are at stake in the event of a divorce. While most people don’t have millions to be concerned about, one’s own financial holdings are no less important.

A prenuptial agreement can be a good idea for any couple entering into marriage. If financial discord is one predictor of the chance of divorce then dealing with that issue upfront might increase the chance of a marriage lasting. A prenup can also predetermine the disbursement of assets in addition to just financial ones and can include real estate, cars and other physical assets. In addition, a periodic financial review will allow both partners to have familiarity with the ongoing financial state of affairs.

A couple contemplating marriage in Ohio may wish to consider creating a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. No one wants to enter marriage expecting to divorce but a significant number of marriages do end in divorce. An experienced family law attorney can assist one with developing a prenup and by doing so may help to increase one’s odds of having a long happy marriage.