Reducing the cost of divorce

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A couple meet, get to know each other, fall in love and get married. They have and raise children and send their adult children off to college to begin their adult lives in Ohio. The couple are now empty nesters. Sometimes people use this time to reconnect and begin the next phase of their married life, or they may find they have grown apart and no longer wish to remain married. This phenomena is known as gray divorce and is increasing in Ohio and around the country.

Ending a marriage can be an expensive proposition but there are steps that can be taken to reduce the cost. A traditional divorce for a couple over 50 can be quite expensive. There are alternatives to traditional divorce, including mediation and a collaborative divorce. Both of these involve the couple and their attorneys talking to each other directly and can take less time and save money.

Other strategies exist for saving money. Since divorce is largely a business and financial transaction, getting all financial and household records together can save time and therefore money. Splitting up household items that may hold sentimental value may be difficult, but if the couple can decide on their own who gets what this can reduce the final cost. If one is fighting over a lamp, it may be about more than the lamp.  

Divorce is hard and, in some circumstances, can lead to ugly and contentious disputes in Ohio. That contention is what can lead to long drawn out court battles that can end in very expensive divorces. Settling as many issues ahead of time as possible can help ease the way to a faster and less expensive resolution.