Fathers also struggle financially after divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Child Custody |

The majority of custodial parents in Ohio and around the country are mothers. Although the law doesn’t give women a preference when it comes to custody of their children, some men feel like they haven’t been given a fair chance.

Fathers sometimes feel like they don’t have a role in raising their children because they only see them a few days a month. Divorced fathers may have an advantage when it comes to parenting time because a family court judge presides over their custody cases. However, single men who have children need to take an extra step to get their case in front of a judge. Filing a paternity affidavit with the state could give them the same opportunities to father their children as divorced men.

Because they are less likely to have custody, fathers are more likely to pay child support. Financially supporting a child in another home while also supporting themselves may be challenging. Experts recommend that fathers who cannot afford to pay the entire monthly amount pay at least something every month. By making a payment, even if it isn’t the full amount due, fathers show they are making an effort. In cases where the father’s salary has decreased, a judge may modify the support order to make it easier to pay.

Issues related to child custody and support may be complicated. A father who wants to have a relationship with his children but is unable to reach an amicable solution with their mother may turn to family court for assistance. A lawyer with experience presenting these types of cases to judges may be able to help a father get a custody arrangement with more parenting time so that he can play a more active role in the child’s life. A lawyer may also help get a child support order modified to more accurate reflect the father’s financial situation.