What an attorney needs to begin the divorce case

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Many Ohio spouses are unorganized the first time they see their divorce attorney. While this is understandable due to the stress and fear that they face, it always can slow down the process. One needs to be prepared right off the bat when they consult with their divorce attorney.

Right after they take some time to get to know the client and the situation, the lawyer will want to get down to business when it comes to knowing about the couple’s assets. They can ask questions about a person’s finances, which will take time and cost money. Alternatively, they can look at prepared documentation and get a very good sense of the situation.

Giving the attorney as much financial information up front will be helpful. At a minimum, this will include tax returns and pay stubs. One should also provide their spouse’s information if they have it. The attorney will also require information about all accounts that hold marital assets, including those that are separately owned by the spouse. Anything that could possibly be a part of the divorce settlement is important. This will give a lawyer a sense of the marital estate and will enable them to help craft a negotiation strategy when it comes to asset and debt division. These decisions can only be reached after some preparation and forethought, and it is best to begin early.

Throughout the divorce process, the lawyer may help focus their client and ensure that they stay organized. The key to post-divorce recovery is minimizing the trauma of the actual split, and preparation is helpful in getting off to the best start possible. Often, panic breeds irrational decisions that can heighten the risk of an expensive and bruising legal battle. Family law lawyers may help their clients calmly approach divorce.