Choosing settlement or divorce court

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2020 | Divorce |

While most people facing a divorce in Ohio want the process to end as quickly and smoothly as possible, there are times when an easy split is not in the cards. The many factors that make for a complicated divorce include disputes over money, real estate and custody arrangements.

When the parties to a divorce are unable to reach an agreement on their own, one or both spouses may seek the help of a court. But there are a few things that should be carefully considered before the opposing parties in a divorce leave the negotiation table and head to the courtroom.

The first significant change will be the amount of time it will take before a divorce becomes final. In most cases, months of waiting is necessary before space is available on the court docket for a pending divorce trial. Preparing for the trial date will also make it necessary for both spouses to spend a lot of time in planning sessions with their attorneys.

A divorce that goes to trial will also cost more money to complete than one settled out of court. Divorcees pay for the use of the courtroom. There is also a cost attached to the time of the judge and other officials of the court.

Divorcees should not underestimate the amount of stress involved with a divorce trial. It can be a bit unsettling for a person to stand before a court and expose their private life to everyone within earshot. The process can also become stressful for children and other family members.

The one place where a trial holds the possibility of a clear advantage over a settlement is in the final results. Someone unable to see their needs met by settling may find a trial works much better for them.

Ending a marital union is never easy for anyone involved. If you’re going through a divorce, you may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced family law attorney early in the process.