Divorce takes an emotional toll, study finds

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Those in the Dublin area going through a divorce can attest that divorce is an emotionally difficult time. This is especially true if the divorce is high-conflict, as one recent study shows.

Study examines emotional toll of divorce

The study examined over 1,800 individuals who recently divorced with little to no separation period. On average, the study found that these individuals fared poorer than others and the higher their “divorce conflict” was the worse their mental health was. This may come as no surprise, as fights over child custody, hostile communication and other conflicts can take a toll on anyone.

The good news is that the study found it is possible to bounce back from a divorce. Those studied who participated in an online course on cooperating and parenting post-divorce reported being in a better place, mentally and physically. And for those in a deteriorating marriage, time heals. It may even come as a relief to have a bad marriage come to an end.

Seek help with a high-conflict divorce

One thing those going through a high-conflict divorce should realize is that they are not alone. They can seek legal help from attorneys who can protect their rights throughout the divorce process, and they can seek help from mental health experts to help them through the grieving process a divorce presents. Those in Dublin who have questions about divorce issues such as child custody, child support, property division and spousal support may want to discuss their concerns with a family law attorney, so they can make informed choices moving forward.