Modifying child support following an increase in income

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When it is time for a child support increase, it is important for parents to know how that is determined and the for the parent seeking the increase to know how they can go about receiving one. Child support modifications are an ongoing and important part of the lives of many parents which is why they should be familiar with the process.

Obtaining a child support modification

A significant change in circumstances may merit a change in child support payments. A significant change in income can be considered a significant change in circumstances.

If the custodial parent of the child discovers that the parent paying child support has had a significant increase in income, they may wish to request a child support modification to increase the amount of child support paid. A significant increase in income may be due to a career or job change; promotion; inheritance; or other circumstances as well. The parent seeking the child support modification can request a modification from the family law court. If granted, the child support payments may be increased due to a significant change in circumstances or an increase in income.

Likewise, a decrease in income may also be considered a significant change in circumstances which could result in a decreased child support payment. Unemployment; an employment change to a lower-paying industry; a reduction in hours to part-time work; or retirement may all result in a decrease in income. Depending on the circumstances, a decrease in income could lead to a child support change.

Child support is not set in stone which is why parents seeking to modify child support should be familiar with the grounds in which a child support modification may be granted. Requesting a change to child support may be possible and parents can benefit from knowing how to request a child support modification when needed.