You’re right: Your high-asset divorce does have complex, unique issues

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If you believe as a Columbus-area resident that your impending high-asset divorce will optimally require close input from a proven high-net-worth divorce attorney, you are likely correct.

Don’t be discouraged by the comparative complexity and varied issues that will arise in your dissolution, though, or by your need to solicit experienced legal counsel to successfully guide you through the process.

Instead, take heart in how divorce negotiations involving significant property will play out when your best interests are diligently promoted by a practiced and empathetic family law attorney.

High-asset divorce is a singular and complicated life event

If you are reading this blog post already believing that it might possess personal relevance for you, certain things are likely to be true concerning the financial underpinnings of your marriage. You and your spouse might have:

  • Significant real property that includes a primary residence, vacation home and perhaps investment-driven assets
  • Highly diverse savings vehicles, ranging from retirement plans (e.g., pensions and 401(k)/IRA portfolios), stocks and insurance policies to bank accounts, offshore holdings and other instruments
  • Company-linked perks like stock options, bonuses and deferred compensation
  • Collectibles such as jewelry, art, coins, automobiles and antiques
  • A family business
  • Trust holdings and inheritances

The interplay among such diverse and varied asset sources instantly differentiates high-net-worth decouplings from those involving more modest holdings. As one knowledgeable legal source on high-asset Ohio divorces duly stresses, it certainly “adds a layer of complexity to the legal process.”

The role of experienced legal counsel in a high-asset divorce

Some select attorneys command differentiated state-certified status as Family Law Specialists. Those lawyers have a proven wealth of experience in complex divorce matters. Some of the work they centrally do involves the following:

  • Identification of all property, coupled with evaluation of what assets comprise separate property and which are marital assets subject to fair division between impending exes
  • Accurate asset valuation
  • Assembly as needed of an attorney-led professional team of experts that can logically include business valuation experts, forensic accountants and other parties
  • Final accounting marked by equitable property distribution

Securing a fair complex divorce outcome can unquestionably take a bit of time and effort. A seasoned high-asset divorce attorney well versed in this singular family law niche can fully promote a client’s best interests and help ensure an optimal result.