Answer these questions before considering a divorce

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Divorce |

You have had this internal debate for a few months now. You even consulted with trusted family members regarding this personal situation. Should you pursue a divorce from your spouse? To a point, you are torn.

However, lately, you believe that things have not gone well in your marriage. Although you have grown accustomed to your current lifestyle and have created plenty of great memories, you do not like the way things have gone. You do not see a future with your spouse. But before pursuing a divorce, you must ask yourself some key questions. And remember that only you can provide the right answers.

Personal happiness, your children

Introspective questions are difficult to answer. But you must tackle them when considering such a pivotal step in your in life. Here are some of the crucial questions to ask yourself:

  • Will I be able to preserve my previous lifestyle while married?: You were married to a high-asset earner and grew accustomed to a number of amenities not afforded to the average couple. You may have to make adjustments such as doing away with country club memberships and excessive travel expenses. However, a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement may work in your favor and perhaps allow you to maintain a certain level of that lifestyle.
  • Will I achieve happiness as a single person?: Maybe the divorce provides you with a fresh start to pursue interests that you were unable to do so while married. Remember to take care of yourself, take up new or old hobbies and interests. Happiness is an inside job.
  • How much will the divorce affect my children?: Everyone with ties to a divorce will have to make adjustments. Sadness, anger and confusion will surface among your children. Let them know that you love them. Spend extra time with them and do your best to make this transition a less bumpy one.

There are many questions to ask yourself before you decide to go through with a divorce. Weigh the pros and cons of each question. Do some serious self-analysis. It can only help you in the next stage of your life.