The uptick in grey divorces

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When we think about couples divorcing, we often picture people in their 30s or 40s, or even first year divorces between those in their 20s. And, that picture is often correct as about 50 percent of divorces happen around six years of marriage. However, many industry experts are noting that Baby boomers are getting divorced in greater numbers, in what is now coined, gray divorces.

Gray divorce

Gray divorce refers to a divorce between couples above 50. More recently, some experts are also calling divorces between couples that have been married for decades a gray divorce as well. Though, generally speaking, when one uses the term, gray divorce, they are referring to a couple divorcing just before or during retirement.

Changing attitudes

For Baby boomers, growing up, divorce was scene as a four-letter word, with a huge stigma. Though, in today’s world, there just simply is no stigma attached to divorce. Indeed, our new culture embraces empowerment and finding our bliss.

Changing economics

Money is often a huge consideration in a divorce, and couples can sometimes, put off a divorce simply because the believe they cannot afford the divorce. This is often not an issue for a gray divorce because both couples have usually worked for a decade, or at least had decades to accumulate wealth. This means that, when retirement finally arrives, the couple must face what they truly want in their golden years. If the couples find that they want different things from their golden years, then they likely have enough capital to fund both dreams, necessitating a divorce.

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