Know how to address the marital standard of living

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The outcome of your spousal support dispute can have tremendous implications for your future, regardless of which side of the disagreement you fall on. That’s why you need to adequately address every factor that pertains to alimony in Ohio. One of those factors that can have a big impact on your case is the marital standard of living.

Why the marital standard of living is important

When addressing spousal support issues, the court wants to find an outcome that is fair for the parties involved. In a lot of instances, part of that fairness is trying to provide each spouse with the same standard of living that they enjoyed during their marriage. This means that an accurate assessment of the marital standard of living has to be undertaken. Keep in mind, though, that providing the marital standard of living to both parties post-divorce oftentimes isn’t possible, so the court undertakes a balancing act when deciding what sort of spousal support arrangement is proper.

How the marital standard of living is assessed

There are many factors that can go into this determination. Essentially, every aspect of your marital life can be scrutinized, from the house that you lived in to the frequency, duration, and expense of the vacations that you took. The vehicles you drove, how often you ate at restaurants, and even the clothing worn during the marriage can all be relevant in a spousal support determination. Just remember that any debt-driven expenses won’t be considered, as the courts often view this as an artificially inflated aspect of the standard of living.

Preparing for your alimony dispute

If you’re facing a fight over spousal support, then you need to be as prepared as possible going in. Gather all the financial records that you can find and be sure that you can articulate your marital standard of living, as well as any sacrifices that were or were not made during the marriage. These matters can get heated pretty quickly, but don’t let your emotions get the best of you. Instead, consider seeking assistance from someone who can help you competently navigate the process while aggressively protecting your interests.