Why seek dissolution of marriage over a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2022 | Legal Separation |

There comes a time for many married couples when staying together is no longer possible. Untangling the relationship and going separate ways becomes the only path forward.

For some spouses, divorce remains the proper decision. Other unhappy partners choose to pursue the dissolution of marriage instead. You may be unaware of the advantages inherent in taking this path over seeking a formal divorce.


Divorce court can be a long, drawn-out experience. Once the court receives a filing, the other party has time to respond. One potential outcome is a discovery request. During this period, evidence gets shared between sides. Another possibility is that a judge orders mediation. Only after this fails does the duo wind up seeing the inside of a courtroom. With dissolution, everyone can settle on various terms without enduring these complex steps.


As a general rule, getting dissolution of marriage costs less than a divorce. Attorneys offering dissolution typically charge a flat fee for their services. Compare that with a contested divorce, which requires heading to court. Attending hearings means you will likely have to take time off work. Combined with hourly lawyer bills, the expense often turns exorbitant.


In contested divorces, a judge unilaterally rules on all matters. During the dissolution of marriage, both spouses directly communicate to fashion an agreement. Together, they decide what makes sense. Child support, spousal support and division of marital property are all up for debate. Visitation is another vital concern soon-to-be-exes can hash out.

Most assume divorce is the only option when the bell tolls to end a marriage. In reality, dissolution may be a wiser and more effective legal remedy.