Which co-parent picks the babysitter?

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If you are in the middle of a divorce, addressing child custody is likely to be one of your biggest priorities. While it is usually possible to seek sole custody, many parents opt for a shared-custody arrangement. After all, according to Psychology Today, having two involved parents can be good for kids.

Even if sharing custody is the right approach for everyone in your family, you and your co-parent are not likely to see eye-to-eye on every child-related matter. For example, it is not uncommon for divorced parents to disagree about childcare.

Picking a babysitter

Whether you opt for a babysitter, childcare service, family friend or someone else, you and your co-parent probably have many childcare options.

Still, picking a babysitter is something that usually falls squarely within the preview of the parent who has physical custody at the time. This means you can pick the childcare solution during your parenting time, and your co-parent can choose during his or hers.

Avoiding future disputes

Your co-parent might ask someone you do not trust or like to babysit your kids. Naturally, this is apt to make you feel uncomfortable or even angry. To avoid future fights, it may be wise to include a refusal clause in your custody agreement.

A refusal clause requires each co-parent to ask the other to babysit before asking others. Only after you decline to babysit during your non-parenting time can your co-parent look for someone else.

Ultimately, not only does a refusal clause protect your kids from going to a bad babysitter, but it also gives you extra time to spend with your children.