Who pays for your child’s college tuition after you divorce?

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Co-parenting does not end when your children grow up. When it is time for your teen to go to college, you and your former spouse might not agree on who should pay the tuition bill.

In Ohio, the court generally does not make decisions about adult children. Therefore, it is up to the parents to determine who should pay for college tuition.

Does child support cover college tuition?

Child support ends once your child is 18 and has graduated high school. It does not cover college tuition costs.

Can the court order parents to contribute to tuition?

The court typically will not order either parent to pay for an adult child’s college education. However, you and your spouse can discuss college tuition during your divorce proceedings. If you come to an agreement, the court can enforce it as part of your divorce judgment.

How does divorce affect your child’s financial aid options?

When applying for financial aid, your child must answer questions about parental income. If you and your child’s other parent are living separately when your child fills out the application for federal financial aid, your child only needs to provide information about one parent. This should be the parent he or she lives with the most or the parent who provides the most financial support.

Higher education is a significant expense. Even if your children are still young, it is a good idea to consider the cost of college in your divorce agreement to avoid conflicts and financial struggles when your children reach college age.