What should I know about modifying child custody orders?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Child Custody |

A court will set child custody arrangements when you and the other parent cannot agree on them. The law encourages working together as much as possible to allow the children to have equal time with each parent and encourage healthy relationships among the family.

Ohio law covering parental rights notes the options for modification. There are a few points to note about requesting changes in your agreement.

It is easier to cooperate

Child custody matters are much easier to handle when you and the other parent can work together to iron out the details. If you can agree, you can file for a modification together, which should be fairly easy to get through the court and approved.

You must file with the court

You will need to file a motion with the court if you wish to make any changes. A custody order is a legal order, and not following it can get you into trouble. So, any changes should go through the court to get a new legal order.

There needs to be a reason

To request a modification, there needs to be a reason behind the request. Usually, that will mean there is a change in circumstances that requires altering the custody agreement. The court is slow to make changes if you cannot show they are in the children’s best interests.

Keep in mind the court is working on behalf of your children and not you in all custody matters. What is best for you is not the judge’s concern. He or she will always side with your children and what will be best for their health, safety and happiness.