Exploring alimony options in Ohio

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The divorce rate in Ohio in 2020, according to the Ohio Department of Health, was a little over half of the marriage rate. Every one of those couples who decided to end their marriages had to decide on a variety of important details.

One of those points of focus for some of these couples was likely spousal support. This payment from one spouse to the other helps ensure nobody walks away from the marriage with a disproportionate financial situation. There are multiple options the court has when awarding alimony.

Temporary or permanent awards

Spousal support awards may be temporary or permanent, depending on the financial situation of the couple. Temporary support extends immediate assistance during the divorce proceedings, ensuring that the spouse with a lower income can meet essential needs, such as housing and sustenance.

Permanent spousal support occurs when a spouse faces challenges in achieving financial security after the divorce due to age, health or other pertinent factors.

Award disbursement options

When it comes to the manner of paying alimony, Ohio law allows the court to order payments in several ways. An individual may pay with money, personal property or a combination of both.

The law also allows for flexibility in the timing of payments. One option is paying in a lump sum, which involves a single, substantial disbursement. This method can be especially useful when both parties agree to a one-time resolution, effectively severing financial ties.

The other option is installment payments, which involve the gradual transfer of funds over a designated period. This approach caters to scenarios where a lump sum might not be feasible and ensures sustained financial support.

As with any legal arrangement, the court’s decisions on alimony awards in Ohio rest on various factors. These encompass the duration of the marriage, the accustomed standard of living, each spouse’s earning capacity and their financial requirements.